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2-Stage Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner





6 gal., 3/4 bu. recovery capacity, 7 amp motor
Positive water shut-off
Heavy-duty filter system
Two-stage bypass motor for wet/dry operation

120 AC
6 Gal. / 3/4 Bu.
 Tank Dimensions
14 in. dia.
 Motor Type
2 Stage Bypass
 Max Air Flow
94 cu. ft./min.
 Sealed Suction in Water
84 in.
28 in.
17 in.
 Tool Weight
35.0 lbs.
 Shipping Weight
45.0 lbs.

A powerful mess needs a powerful vacuum cleaner. The Milwaukee line of wet/dry vacuum cleaners offer power to spare. All wet/dry vac's have a positive water shut-off to protect the motor during wet pick-up situations. Heavy duty filters can handle large pieces of material as well as dust. Model 8935 offers a 14 in. steel tank and heavy duty casters. With 7 amps of power, the 2-stage bypass motor has the power to handle the roughest job.



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